If everyone who has ever been grateful for a doctor followed and retweeted we would reach a million in minutes and be able to show all NHS staff the support they continue to need.

It will take just a few seconds of your life but could make such a difference.

it’s just so so grim every time these hardcore Leavers do this. so cynical and wrong and just…gross https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/may/20/pms-father-stanley-johnson-secures-french-citizenship?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other

The PM's next defence: 'I had been wrongly informed that the meeting with Sue Grey was at her request...' I see lies within lies within lies. It's like turtles except it is lies the whole way down #Partygate #SueGrayReport

@shakespeareprof @swordsjew My degree is in psych. Audiobooks have the same effect on the brain as reading. The important dynamic is words cause you to imagine a story, visual media just shows it, no need to imagine. Adults who have already learned to read lose nothing in audiobooks. It’s snobbish nonsense.

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