apparently a lot of people get quite attached to software they use and write. not only does that way lie unhappiness, but it makes it difficult to improve it.

Iteresting analogy. The current Tory strategy relies less on the actual people and more on holding governance to force irrevocable change.

'People can be persuaded by the English class system that Jacob Rees-Mogg is their sort of intellectual and social superior. It is quite incredible that, when you think about it.'


Sometimes when you have a cup-a-soup there is a lump at the bottom of the cup. If it contains powder it is disgusting and stings your tongue. But if it is a gooey lump it is like an intense flavour shot of the soup. But it has to be just right to be enjoyable.

"Johnson is someone who lies all the time. Lies are ontological, elemental, essential for him"

So 😀 I just subtitled into English what my friend @MarionVanR said about him on French TV, mentioning, among other things, the @PeterStefanovi2 video 👇

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