Note to self: Sunday. Still here. All cops are still complicit bastards.

You know what, just take the time to watch Craster in motion today. Absolutely gorgeous.


24th October 2021 07.52

My campaign to limit the number of people retweeting this image and causing upset to the Conservatives has made great progress I am now so confident that nobody will RT it that I am going to tag in @Conservatives so they can see how well we're doing.
Thank you.

Pet peeve, seeing multiple punctuation marks such as multiple exclamations. However, I do always try to imagine them in a descriptive sentence.
!!!!! = They exclaimed exclaiming exclamatious exclamities exclamatiously.

I've seen some people ponder if they need to watch the original Cowboy Bebop before the new Netflix version comes out, and the answer is probably that you don't need to do it as preparation, but you absolutely should do it because Bebop just fukkin rules

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