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Identifying as a male, but otherwise refusing to be easily defined, advocate of; change, equality, aspiration, opportunity and education.

A lover of community and the social mix that is humanity, but being blessed with melancholy both a champion and a sceptic of the future. Studies the cliche that is humanity as an amateur with a powerful microscope and a zoological guide to the mating habits of the hermaphroditic annelid. 

Married, parent, pet owner, omnivore, writer, photographer, dreamer and child.
First Loss

We stretch beyond midnight

Lost in the ignorance of desire

Our steam locomotive breath

Tracks escalating rhythm

Tympanic oceans surge

On cardiovascular estuaries

Until we reach the breach

And shudder in relief.

Together, we lie alone

As time decays the passions

Lost to our reflection

Trace conflicting memories

Swift feelings bring swift regrets

Dressed in shadows of denial

Mark Keating

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